Heinrich Himmler’s Eyeglasses

The remains of the eyeglasses worn by Reichsfuhrer-SS at the time he committed suicide by cyanide on May 23, 1945. The glasses were made of natural tortoise shell and time and exposure to air has caused the frames to largely disintegrate, but the lenses, arms, nose pads and portions of the frames remain.


Heinrich Himmler Presentation
“Das Ahnenerbe” - A Gift To Hitler On His Fiftieth Birthday

A presentation of the philosophy of the SS. A historic hand-made and unique edition of Heinrich Himmler’s “Das Ahnenerbe”, Giver by Heinrich Himmler to Adolf Hitler. It was recovered by an American officer from Hitler’s library at the shattered Berlin Reichschancellery. According to researcher Heather Pringle’s The Master Plan Himmler’s Scholars and the Holocaust, Himmler presented Hitler with a custom bound volume which would artfully present Himmler and the SS contribution to the Nazi state. The book opens withe the entire title of the work: “The Research and Teaching Faculty of Das Ahnenerbe” followed by the motto: “Werden Wesen Wirken”.

Adolf Hitler’s N.S.D.A.P. Swastika Armband Found In His Munich Headquarters

N.S.D.A.P. armband captured at the Nazi Party headquarters (the “Braun Haus”) in Munich by Lt. Col. Willard White of the 129th Combat Engineers, H.Q. 7th Army, owned and worn by Adolf Hitler himself. White, widely regarded as the “king” of souvenir collectors, sent over 100 pieces of personal Hitler and Goring property home to his wife ... the sister of future president Lyndon B. Johnson! The armband is accompanied by an original notarized typed 1975 letter of provenance by Beverly White Conditt, Col. White’s daughter, who inherited the collection. Conditt states that her father was awarded the Silver Star for his gallantry in reconnoitering the center of Munich on April 30, 1945. While there, he raided the “Braun Haus” and obtained a quantity of Hitler’s formal silver service. Hitler, who wore an unadorned party armband, had an office at the Braun Haus and also entertained there. As Col. White was a very discriminated “collector” and gathered essentially items only directly connected to Hitler and Goring, it would seem that this armband was taken from Hitler’s private offices or store rooms at the Braun Haus.


Rudolf Hess Presentation Cigar Case

A wood cigar box with engraved silver lid and stag antler trim on the sides, given to Hess by the City of Salzburg upon the annexation of Austria in 1938. Bears a hinged silver lid with images of people in traditional garb, stags and mountain goats, the castle at Salzburg and the crest of the city. The tab attached to the lid is fancily engraved in German: “To celebrate the birth of Grossdeutscheland the city of Salzburg to the Fuhrer’s deputy Rudolf Hess”
Heinrich Himmler’s Pistol

Himmler was the leader of the Holocaust movement and leader of the Gestapo. This is a custom engraved Walther Model PPK pistol with, Heinrich Himmler”s, “HH” initials and “SS” markings on the slide.

Herman Göring's Pistol

Herman Göring was the Commander in Chief of the Luffwaffe, air force. This is an engraved gold washed Walther PP pistol attributed to Hermann Göring.
Eva Braun’s Pistol

Eva Braun was Hitler’s wife. They were married the night before they committed suicide. Factory Engraved Walther Model PP Presentation Pistol with “Eva Braun” Association - Serial no. 2736S6P. The second most striking feature is the initial “EB” engraved on the left hand side of the slide directly above the factory markings.

Fritz Sauckel’s Pistol

Fritz Sauckel was a Major General Nazi Politician. This is a factory engraved and gold plated Fritz Sauckel presentation Walther Mod PP semi-automatic pistol.
A Key Captured At The Eagles Nest

Obtained by Joseph H Johnson, one of the first Americans to reach the “Eagles Nest” above Berchtesgaden and the Berghof. This is the key to Adolf Hitler’s office.


Hemann Göring SS
Cyanide Capsule Container

SS contract 77/42 Tesch und Stabenow hollow brass container for a cyanide vial. These containers held glass, single-dose capsules of cyanide which would be removed by the bearer prior to questioning. He would bite down on the glass ampule and the cyanide would take its deadly effect within seconds. This poison was effectively used by both Heinrich Himmler and Hemann Göring to escape execution at the hands of the Allies. The container has SS runes on the bottom cap.
A Plate Belonging to
Hemann Göring


Reischieiter Gold Visor Cap Owned By The Notorius Nazi Leader
Rudolf Hess
Grill Emblem from Heinrich Himmler’s Car


One Of Eight
German & Japanese
Surrender Documents

Japanese 7.7mm Bolt Action 38 Carbine Rifle with Decorative Stock


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