Grassy Knoll Fence
Actual section of the fence on the "grassy knoll", where some people reportedly heard shots come from.

The Dallas Morning News Printing Plate
The plate used to print the 23 November edition of the "Dallas Morning News" announcing John F. Kennedy's death in the city of his assassination. The headline reads "KENNEDY SLAIN ON DALLAS STREET", one column covers Johnson taking the oath of office, and another reports on the shooting. Photos of the late President and his successor grace the front pages. Inner pages of that days paper report on Lyndon B. Johnson taking the oath of office on AF1 and dedications to Kennedy.

Evelyn Lincoln Eyeglasses
Eyeglasses worn by Evelyn Lincoln on Air Force 1 while Johnson was being sworn in as President November 22, 1963.

Kennedy Briefcase Contents
Contents of the briefcase Kennedy carried with him
to Dallas on November 22,1963

Kennedy Eyeglass Case
This brown leather eyeglass case was removed from President Kennedy’s desk on Air Force One by an Air Force One attendant at the direction of Lyndon Johnson while enroute from Love Field, Dallas to Andrews Air Force Base on Nov. 22, 1963 The next morning this material was taken to the Oval Office, from whence it was moved to the Executive Office Building with all of the other Kennedy belongings.

Dr. Burkley Medical Bag
Dr. Burkley, Kennedy's personal physician, carried this medical bag with him to Dallas.

Upholsterey from Kennedy's X100 Limo stained with his blood.

Scissor Jack from Kennedy's X100 Limo
This automotive jack is from the actual limousine "the X100" that John F. Kennedy was in when he was shot. The U.S. Sectret Service was concerned that this original jack was not adequate so another heavy duty unit was built for the purpose.

Catafalque Cover
This authentic piece of cloth was used to cover the catafalque in the East Room while Kennedy lay in state.

Kennedy Papers
All these were removed from the Oval Office desk November 23,1963 after Kennedy’s assassination

Blood-Stained Envelope From Evelyn Lincoln’s Purse

Small white envelope addressed to Pierre Salinger at the Rice Hotel from Marvin Corman in Houston and marked “Personal.” The verso contains a blood stain under Mrs. Lincoln’s typed note, “My beloved President’s blood, Nov. 22.” The blood rubbed off on the envelope when Mrs. Kennedy took off her white gloves, stained with blood, and gave them to Mrs. Lincoln to hold while at the Parkland Hospital, who in turn placed them in her purse. The gloves were later given to the FBI.

The Flag That Flew Over The Capital November 21st 1963

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