John F. Kennedy
Secret Service Car

This 1956 Cadillac Secret Service Limousine, also referred to this car as the Queen Mary II, was directly behind the President during his assassination. This limo has side running boards, hand rails and platforms for Secret Service agents.

The Kennedy assassination spotlighted the bravery of Secret Service agent, Clint Hill. He was riding in the Queen Mary II directly behind the Presidential limousine when the attack began. While the shooting continued, Hill leapt from the running board of the car he was riding on and jumped on to the back of the President's moving car and guided Mrs. Kennedy from the trunk back into the rear seat of the car. He then shielded the President and the First Lady with his body until the car arrived at the hospital.

The period following the Kennedy assassination was the most difficult in the modern history of the agency. Press reports indicated that morale among the agents was "low" for months following the assassination. The agency overhauled its procedures in the wake of the Kennedy killing. Training, which until that time had been confined largely to "on-the-job" efforts, was systematized and regularized.

1963 Lincoln Covertible

Used to give the feel of that day in Dallas. This is not the actual car nor a replica.

1962 Ford Ambulance Used to Transport Oswald to Parkland Hospital

Nov. 24--President Kennedy's assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was fatally shot as the police started to move him from the city jail to the county jail. The assailant, Jack Rubenstein, known as Jack Ruby, lunged from a cluster of newsmen observing the transfer of Oswald from the jail to an armored truck. Oswald was transported to Parkland Hospital, the same hospital that Kennedy was taken to just two days earlier.

1962 Checker Marathon Dallas Taxicab - Oswald's Getaway Car

This is a 1962 Checker Marathon Dallas taxicab known as Oswalds getaway car. Only minutes after Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy from the sixth floor of the book depository building he casually walked out the front door, hailed down this taxi cab serial #36 and had the driver William Wayne Whaley drive him back to his rooming house. Whaley tried to make conversation with Oswald. "What the hell you think happened out there? he recalled asking Oswald as an opener. Oswald didn't answer him back. He asked to be dropped off two blocks past his rooming house. The fare was $0.95 he gave him a dollar and said keep the change.

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