JFK Assassination Gun
Used by Dallas PD Captain Will Fritz who was in charge of the JFK investigation and Lee Harvey Oswald murder by Jack Ruby. This is a 38 Colt Army Special 3 1/2 inch barrel with a pearl grip. His name is engraved on the back strap.

A Bullet Fired From The
Same Gun Jack Ruby Used To Kill Oswald

Jack Ruby's Jacket, Hat and Shoes
Here is a Jack Ruby jacket, hat and the actual shoes he was wearing when he shot Oswald.

Ruby was involved with major figures in organized crime; conspiracy theorists claim that he killed Oswald as part of an overall plot surrounding the assassination of Kennedy. Others have disputed this, arguing that his connection with gangsters was minimal at most and that he was not the sort to be entrusted with such an act within a high-level conspiracy.

Book Depository Window
RIGHT: This original window from the book depository was adjacent to the one Oswald shot from. The window displayed to the left was located adjacent to that window. It was near this window location that FBI agents found evidence left behind by Oswald. This window was removed from the building in 1986 during rennovation.

LEFT: Arrow shows position of window where Oswald shot Kennedy from.

1963 Klein’s Sporting Goods, Chicago Illinois, Catalog That Oswald Used to Purchase The Assassination Rifle
This is the actual catalog Lee Harvey Oswald used to order the gun that he used to shoot President Kennedy. It is addressed to A. Hiddell, one of Oswald’s aliases.

Dallas Entertainment Guide
This small guide to dallas entertainment was found in Jack Ruby's pocket when he was arrested for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Lee Harvey Oswalds Sweater

Lee Harvey Oswald Wedding Suit

Original License Plate From The Ambulance On Display That Transported
Oswald From The Police Station To Parkland Hospital

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