The Red Room

Furnishings from the Red Room in the White House - (listed from left): Rectangular Coffee Table- Truman Era 1948 - This coffee table features an elegant curvature on it’s surface. It was used in the Executive Wing. Couch And Two Chairs - Roosevelt Era 1935 - This set of three was used in the Red room from 1935 until they were removed in 1961. Card Table - Truman Era - This red top card table was given to White House photographer George Szabo as a gift from President Truman. Truman was known for being quite the poker player and many games were played on this table with his beloved staff. Set Of Three Concert Chairs - Carter Era - This set of standby music chairs were used in the East Room for concerts and other formal events.

The Music Room

Furnishings from the Music Room in the White House - (listed from left): Italian Inlay Credenza - Kennedy Era - 1961This credenza was commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy and used in the Music Room. It was removed in 1963 after the John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Serving Table - Kennedy Era 1961 - This elegantly carved serving table was used in the Music Room for concerts or other formal events. It was commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy. Music Box - McKinley Era - Used in the music room. The sheet music displayed with the case are the originals from the 1900s. Aeolian Voca-Lion - McKinley Era 1900 - Used in the music room, this was a gift from the Aeolian Company in 1900. Deutsche Brothers Furniture - Kennedy Era 1961 - These two elegant pieces of furniture were commissioned by Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961. After completion she ordered all the molds and fabric destroyed so that no duplicates could be made.


The Blue Room

Furnishings from the Blue Room in the White House - (listed from left): William Mary Executive Desk - Chester A. Arthur Era 1881 - This desk was brought into the White House in 1981 and was used in the Executive Office, it was removed in 1901. Set of Gold Leaf Chairs - Kennedy Era 1962 - This set of gold chairs was used in the music room. Marble Coffee Table - F.D. Roosevelt Era 1940 - This hard topped marble coffee table was used in the War Room of the White House in 1940. Three Piece Set - Eisenhower/Kennedy Era 1960 - This set includes 1 male chair, 1 female chair, and a matching settee. They were given to the White House as a gift from the State of California. They were used in the First Family Study.
The Green Room

Furnishings from the Green Room in the White House - (listed from left): Sideboard - Truman Era 1951 - Purchased by the White House in 1951, this elegant marble surfaced sideboard was used in the State Dining Room. Turtle Top Marble table - Truman Era 1948 - This marble turtle top table was given to President Truman as a gift by General Douglas McArthur, it was used in the Reception Hall. Coffee Table - Truman Era 1948 - This wood coffee table was used in the State Dining Room for formal functions and state dinners. Formal Couch with Matching Chair - Eisenhower Era 1956 - This formal couch and chair were given to President Eisenhower as a gift from the Country of Spain, they were used in both the East Hall and Reception Wing.


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