Abraham Lincoln

A huge room full of one-of-a-kind artifacts spanning an American President's life and tragic betrayal during a period of tremendous growth and change as a nation.

World Leaders

The World Leaders exhibit is full of rare military and personal vehicles of U.S. Presidents and other important figures from around the globe. Including; Hitler, Mussolini, Himmler, Hirohito and more!

Illinois Stock Car Hall of Fame

An exhibit dedicated to the preservation of Stock Car racing history in Illinois.

Turn of the Century

Be transported into the wild and wooly past of the American Old West, this exhibit includes artifacts from Buffalo Bill Cody, George Armstrong Custer, Sitting Bull, and Annie Oakley.


Go back to the days of prohibition where gangsters ruled Chicago during the Roaring Twenties. Remember the days when Bonnie & Clyde traveled the countyside robbing banks captivating the nation along their way.

Famous Cars and Stars

From movie stars like Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean to country legend Hank Williams to the "King of Rock and Roll" himself, Elvis Presley, this room has it all.


An exihibit dedicated to that fateful day Nov. 22, 1963. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is swirled in controversy and speculation even to this day.

The White House

A collection of Presidential artifacts and furniture that graced the White House. Wind your way thru the Red Room, the Music Room, the Blue Room, and the Green Room of the White House.

World of Speed

Showcasing record setting cars from the Bonneville Salt Flats to the Brickyard of Indianapolis. Featuring cars from IndyCar racers, drag racing legends. Get an upclose look at land speed car, Sonic 1.


Your family's vacation won't be comple without taking a family portrait next to National Lampoon's Vacation, Family Truckster. Also, movie cars from Batman Returns, Back to the Future, and Ghost Busters.


Take a look back at hit television programing from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. See memorbilia and cars from the TV shows M*A*S*H, The The Andy Griffith Show, All in the Family, Sanford & Son,and more.

NASA Exhibit

Learn all about the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs. With full scale models on loan from the NASA in Houston Texas you'll see upclose the technology that took us to the moon and back.
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