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1963 Klein’s Sporting Goods Catalog That Oswald Used to Purchase The Assassination Rifle

Oswalds Catalog

This is the actual catalog Lee Harvey Oswald used to order the gun that he used to shoot President Kennedy. It is addressed to A. Hiddell, one of Oswald’s aliases.

Oswald Window

Book Depository Window

This original window from the book depository was adjacent to the one Oswald shot from.The window Lee Harvey Oswald actually shot from is now in the posession of the FBI. The window displayed to the left was located adjacent to that window. It was near this window location that FBI agents found evidence left behind by Oswald. This window was removed from the building in 1986 during rennovation. Oswald Window

ABOVE: Arrow shows position of window where Oswald shot Kennedy from.

1962 Checker Marathon Dallas Taxicab - Oswald's Getaway Car

Oswald Cab

This is a 1962 Checker Marathon Dallas taxicab known as Oswalds getaway car. Only minutes after Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy from the sixth floor of the book depository building he casually walked out the front door, hailed down this taxi cab serial #36 and had the driver William Wayne Whaley drive him back to his rooming house. Whaley tried to make conversation with Oswald. “What the hell you think happened out there?�? he recalled asking Oswald as an opener. Oswald didn’t answer him back. He asked to be dropped off two blocks past his rooming house. The fare was .95¢ he gave him a dollar and said keep the change.

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